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We're a consulting group with decades of experience in franchise, development and real estate.

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Franchise Brokerage.

Invivtus Development has partnered with over 300 franchise chains to provide franchise opportunities.

Franchise Development.

Invictus Development has partnered with franchisors to provide outsourced growth strategies for their individual concepts.

Market Planning.

Invictus Development will work in detail with the franchisors and receptive franchisees to find the right number of locations in primary, secondary and tertiary markets. In addition, also provide market recalibration studies.


Invictus Development will perform business planning, market assessment, market valuation and operations.


Invictus Development will perform franchise coaching, small business consulting, business strategy, P&L and sales process.

Real Estate.

Invictus Development will perform site assessment, lease negotiations, build to suit strategies, and developer partnerships to provide deliverable sites and locations.


Invictus Development uses the latest technologies to help analyze and quantify franchise growth to optimize success.

Non Traditional.

Invictus Development can help with franchise locations in airports, cruise ships and stadium concessions.

Strategic Planning.

Invictus Development will partner with franchisors on growth strategies and resells on existing locations.


Invictus Development will do market analytics, financial analytics and franchise analytics.

Growth Strategy.

Invictus Development will help plan new franchise placement, market right sizing, market recalibration and strategic partnerships.

Invictus Development Group

What People are Saying

Brian Pearson, CEO & President

With nearly two decades of experience and several hundred franchise locations developed and opened (in all facets, levels and areas of the franchise industry), (Brian) spearheads a very dynamic, innovative and trusted group that provide results. Their experience and knowledge has pushed for higher standards in Franchise Sales, Franchise Development Build to Suit Strategies, Franchise Growth and Requirements. They set bold initiates and have been ahead of the curve in the demands of industry.